Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looking At Smoke spilling contradicting thoughts

Is it always right to waste for the pleasure of our own eyes?

Fireworks for the sake of expressing whatever. Freedom? I was thinking it would be funny to make a study about the human reaction to fireworks? Imagine if the study concluded that it decreased the human tendency for aggression and war-like feelings? Or I guess as Ahmed told me, 'a reason for people to drink'. 'I don't know man', I replied.

It is unquestionable that the 'dumbing' down of society exists and alcohol and fireworks are a perfect combination, with of course, the preamble by the media concluding that 'tonight will be a special night and I hope to see you there.' Really I doubt that there is an easier way to keep people in line. Booze and fireworks.

As I sat there I hoped I wasn't the only one thinking about the carbon emmissions from the result of a fireworks show of any magnitude.

But for some reason I am still dazzeled by a $7.4 billion F-14 scream accross the sky unloading its fuel for the sake of celebration.

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