Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Positivity in Social Energy

Universal energy vibrant,
waiting to be perceived,
by young thinkers,
whom attract this energy.

Thinkers before us,
examine life's tenancies,
looking for explanations,
is the balance found in positivity?

Nature as observed ,
holds the key laws and reactions,
imagine a utopia a phenomenon,
the secret: a balanced and harmonious life.

Natural is important,
positive harmony,
energy is all around,
learn from negative and positive.

Matter strikes a balance,
the balance of existence,
we exist as once scattered life,
chemical consciousness: Electricity

So there is an aspect,
one which is social,
take the negative take the positive,
all is one and one is all.

Will humans practice harmony,
or will our atoms,
find a place in the land, air and sea,
We must rethink positivity.

When melancholic,
don't think that your ill,
or cover it up,
with a 'happy pill'.

Practice compassion,
peace and will,
life is a mountain,
don't think its a hill.

A glowing amygdala,
will enhance your senses,
to make human action,
less damaging and relentless.

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