Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Sleepless Night

I have become pushed too far. Reaching out to no one with love and compassion, things become a blur. Distant light can not be seen as I am alone. Something is most defiantly missing.

Is it love,
is it you?

Looking out beyond the heavens waiting for the world to change. Something is not right.

How can so little be achieved through the lack of progress?

How can my mind and minds alike be drawn to such a profession? We are artists and free spirits, forced to cooperate, encouraged to act fake, rewarded to comply in the name of progress.

I am questing a construct that I have found comfort in. I'm afraid of myself. Failure. I guess I can never fail if I never begin, and if I never begin then I ultimately fail.

Is that all I am, afraid? Yes?

Fear numbed me and played tricks with my head. Fear, an illusion in life, which can destroy those it wishes to destroy through the pressure of subhuman systems. Fear will shut you down, blind you, create anger, and depress your spirit. When we are not afraid we will face the challenges of life not use them to destroy, suppress and exploit others.

I can no longer concede to fear, as fear is such a simple reaction to life. Those who instill fear into the lives of others will soon become afraid themselves, as we are coming, and we will not fight fear with fear, but make the world our own.

Power to the fearless...

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