Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Empty heart,
empty smile,
will the heat,
rise and rise.

I have never touched emptiness,
I have not laughed in a while,
when I see you smile,
I feel no love.

Your wrapped around me,
just clinging on,
It's like I'm scared,
this time I can't run.

As I stare beyond us,
I feel alone,
your not there,
we are not a pair.

Sex is something,
that I want,
but I am afraid again,
your not the one.

One is one,
two is two,
you say to me,
that it is not you.

Well if its not me,
then it must be you,
and if its not you,
then it must be me.

Will I stop or,
keep it going,
even while,
no love is showing.

I tell you,
I do no love you,
I assume you,
feel the same,

I remain,
to play the game,
what will it take to stop,
I thank the clock.

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