Sunday, January 4, 2009


I was sitting trigger ready to throw you into space,
Introverted cowboy listens to no one
But himself when he's got one

As you watched so attentively I showed you no way,
Preachers merely creatures of their own way,
Cross-eyed lover head and heart show me something,

Where's your truth is it inside your spells?
Book from heaven is the book from hell,
At least that's what the crazy Christian man said,

Teacher your my creature blind me with your faith,
Power symphony wrings loudly in finite space,
Time traveler lost his mind through night,

Sure you think I'm crazy but I just think your blind,
Listen to the stillness where all answers can be found,
Hey all will burn someday,

It is all gonna burn someday
It is all gonna burn someway.
That's alright
It's ok.

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