Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Dear you,

I wish to declare our friendship. So we can share more with each other through joy, honesty, and disagreement. Two friends sharing the experience of what it is to live. Duration of ones life does not simply reflect wisdom but rather there perception of life and self-reality. Wisdom is discovered through self reality and understood by letting go of that reality. Like wisdom, friendship is the deception of connectivity that can be brought about by letting go of all which you had held in such importance. Whether it be status, wealth, and children or for myself hopelessness, self-hypocrisy, and seriousness. For I love you and I hope that who we are and what we will seemingly become should be defined through the true essence of purity. For purity is nothingness. A life can only be lived and never planned nor can it fit into any concept of what is most desirable. You are a bright star, continue to burn until your spirit is overcome and vanishes.

Love me.

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